Same Apples, Same Cheese

If you can’t imagine that perspectives, tastes, and styles can make significant differences in staging a space — in evoking a particular mood, in reflecting a personality, in conveying a vision or a perspective — I conducted a visual experiment to share with you: I took the same four apples and the same two pieces of cheese and arranged them in different ways with different elements. Here’s what happened.

Setting One

In this version, I staged the apples and cheese as part of a simple coffee service. The setting is relatively informal. One coffee pot. One plant. Two cups. Some autumn leaves. The image suggests seasonal comfort, cordiality, and collegial warmth. It implies the desire of the space to create a setting of ease, openness, and sharing. And it manifests the intention to be inviting and hospitable.

Setting Two

In contrast to Setting One, this setting evokes a slightly higher degree of formality. The wine bottle and the accompanying glasses hint at friendliness, perhaps even romance. The cutting board, which replaces the plate from Setting One, connotes hospitality and the serving of a guest. The reflections in the mirrored surface complement the bottle and the wine glasses while adding the dimension of depth.

Setting Three

This setting creates an air of Asian rusticity. The unfinished wood, the copper accents on the board in front, and the ceramic pot with the copper-wire accent combine to suggest a kind of Eastern mystique. The overall effect is one of inviting intrigue, a hint of uncommon ornamentalism, and subtle touches of engagingly unorthodox, unpretentious flair.

It’s All in the Presentation

Same apples. Same cheese. Different results. Regardless of what your elements are, new or adaptably re-used, their presentation is the key to creating the environment you desire.

Before you decide to do, design, or discard anything, talk to us. The conversation won’t cost you anything. The results may save you more than you imagined they could.

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