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The Art of Ergonomic Science

If you’re not absolutely certain that outfitting space requires at least as much art as science, consider this: A recent research paper, published by Emerald Insight — “Stand Up to Work: assessing the health impact of adjustable workstations” — studied employees randomly selected from three floors in an office building. People on one floor got adjustable workstations (AWS). […]

Perspective is Everything

There’s no such thing as bad information. I try to take in as much as I can. I try to consider all I take in. I don’t agree with all I take in. And I try to be accepting of and informed by all I take in. But I do have lines, and sometimes I […]

All the World’s a Stage

A friend sent me a post from a rather esoteric website for horoscopes and such. The post was a little out there. But it contained a statement that was powerful and compelling in its truth and simplicity. Here it is: [Act] as if your own choices serve to make the world a better place specifically by […]

Dawn of the Dead Design

We’ve already written about the fact that the open office concept is dead. This article from Inc. — “It’s Official: Open Plan Offices Are Now the Dumbest Management Fad of All Time” — is just another stake through its heart. But some things die harder than others. That’s why we have Dracula and zombies. It’s […]

Art Influences Language

In an earlier post, we offered the notion that art can create opportunities for everyone in any given environment to perceive things differently (perhaps even creatively). We found a suggestion in a recent perusal of Bisnow that having some art around may yield more benefits than we might have imagined. A post called, “Why Companies Should Invest In […]

Connecting the Dots

I came across two posts while reading Contact Furnishings News that seemed to be connected; although, no parallels were drawn by the publication. The first was called, “A New Breed of Project Manager Emerges“. Its premise was this: Today’s workplace often contains five generations working together, including Baby Boomers, Millennials, and Gen Z—all of whom have different […]

Be Careful What You Wish For

You probably already know about corporations like Google, Microsoft, Bain & Company, American Express, and Facebook that have ostensibly amazing employee perks. There are myriad others, too. Two things are true of all of them: They’re obscuring the fact that most of us prefer substance to frills. They’re selling a wave that crested quite some […]

Playing Nice in the Sandbox

This fascinating article largely speaks for itself: “An Intellectual History of the Sandbox.” While I’ve long been aware of the creative potential of sandboxes and the adoption of the term for individual and collaborative workspaces (what we now have to call incubators), I’m not sure I’d have given much credence to their intellectual traditions or […]

The Purposeful Plan

We read a post in Contract Furnishing News (CFN) — “The hype surrounding wellbeing concepts can blind us to their true value” — that made us think about two things: the need for planning and the need for flexibility. The premise of the post is the way in the media (all of us, in fairness) latch […]

Anne O’Brien Launches The ArtFitters

SOUTH WINDSOR, Conn., June 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Anne O’Brien, a veteran of commercial property development and facilities management, as well as residential interior design and staging, has launched a new company: The ArtFitters. The company re-imagines ordinary spaces to create the extraordinary — beautiful, organized, functional, and comfortable — by applying the arts […]