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This Isn’t a Job for Superman

There comes a point at which you could almost get tired of beating up on the self-defeating shortsightedness of open office designs. Almost. The fact is, when an idea does itself that few favors, it gets what it deserves. The bad news is it encourages all manner of piling on. The good news is it also […]

What’s Old is New Again

The other morning, my husband and I were reading a humorous article about the days when we, as kids, could hop on our bicycles after school, knowing the only admonishment we’d receive was, “Don’t come home till supper.” After we got through laughing, reminiscing, and recalling our youthful days with a kind of wistful nostalgia, […]

Talk Talk

In an odd moment of cultural and artistic dissonance, two things found their way into my senses sequentially the other day, followed by a related thought. First, in my Facebook feed, a friend had posted the 1966 garage-band, proto-punk classic, “Talk Talk“: Here’s the situation And how it really stands I’m out of circulation I’ve all […]

Keep the Change

Change. I can’t think of anything so inevitable or so vital to our growth, to our fulfillment as human beings. But as human beings, our natures often tend to resist change. Why is that? In part, it’s fear of the unknown. If you’re familiar with the expression, the devil you know is preferable to the […]

Let There Be Light

I’m worried. Are you? I’ll tell you why I’m worried: Progress and evolution are beautiful things. If we’re not marching forward, we’re moving backward. I get that. But what I don’t get — and what worries me — is that all of our ostensible progress and some of the directions in which we’re evolving are […]

Back to the Future

Three things are true: Some things are more obvious than others. Some things are more obvious to some people than they are to others. The cyclical nature of everything doesn’t care what’s obvious or to whom. Case in point: We’ve written about open office spaces before. Their drawbacks were obvious, at least to us. But as […]

Is This Seat Taken?

The other day, a request came in from the Tall Order Department: “We need the perfect office chair.” At first, I didn’t know whether to quote Quick Draw McGraw or Tonto. Then I thought it might be worth taking a crack at trying to find the perfect chair. After all, the customer is alway right, […]

For What It’s Worth

Let’s face it, business is business. And we’re all looking to get our fair share. But when it comes to real estate, we may not be getting it. I’m not sure if this is due to people’s lack of imagination or if it’s because some people just aren’t visual thinkers. But it seems pretty common […]

What Cost Do-Overs?

There are many ways to calculate cost. But if you want to have some fun with the monetary costs alone of demolishing buildings — residential, commercial or industrial — play with this calculator for a while. If nothing else, it’ll help you understand the tens of thousands of dollars or more required to be spent […]

Same Apples, Same Cheese

If you can’t imagine that perspectives, tastes, and styles can make significant differences in staging a space — in evoking a particular mood, in reflecting a personality, in conveying a vision or a perspective — I conducted a visual experiment to share with you: I took the same four apples and the same two pieces […]